Best Gas Heaters for Your Home in Australia

As the winter months approach in Australia, maintaining warmth and comfort at home becomes a top priority. Investing in a gas heater is an efficient and cost-effective solution to heating larger spaces, as they offer quick and even distribution of warmth. With a wide range of options available in the market, identifying the best gas heater for your home can seem like an overwhelming task.

In order to make an informed decision, it is crucial to understand the key features and benefits associated with different types of gas heaters, as well as their suitability for various settings. A well-researched choice can not only keep your home toasty but also save you money in the long run, especially with eco-friendly heaters that are energy-efficient and have low environmental impact.

Flued and portable gas heaters are popular options, each with their own advantages. Flued gas heaters are permanently installed and channel excess gas outdoors, making them an excellent choice for long-term use and better indoor air quality. Portable heaters, on the other hand, offer flexibility and are less expensive to install but may require additional safety measures. Whichever type you choose, be sure to look for effective heating performance, low running costs, and built-in safety features to stay warm and secure this winter.


Key Features to Consider

When choosing the best gas heater for your home in Australia, there are several key features you should consider to ensure a safe, efficient, and comfortable experience during the winter months. These features include:

gas heater room capacity

Gas heaters should always have a range of safety features in place to protect you and your family. This can include:

  • Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS): This sensor detects if oxygen levels drop too low in the room and automatically switches off the heater to ensure proper air quality.
  • Flame Failure Protection: This feature automatically shuts down the gas supply if the flame accidentally goes out, preventing gas leakage.
  • Child Locks: Some heaters come with child locks to prevent children from tampering with the settings and keeping them safe.
  • Ventilation: Adequate ventilation is crucial in maintaining good indoor air quality and preventing a build-up of harmful gases.

Energy efficiency is a significant consideration for any heater, as it can directly impact your energy bills. Look for gas heaters with a high energy star rating. Additionally, some heaters come equipped with a thermostat, remote control, and timer, which can help regulate temperatures and further improve the heater's energy efficiency.

The heat output of a gas heater is measured in megajoules (MJ) and should be appropriate for the room size in which it will be used. High-capacity heaters are best for larger rooms, while smaller gas heaters will be sufficient for smaller spaces.

The room size will greatly determine the heater's capacity needed to keep your home comfortable. Make sure you choose a heater with an appropriate capacity to effectively heat the intended room. For example, a heater rated for 8 m² would be more than adequate for a small bedroom, while larger living areas may require a heater with a higher capacity to provide an optimal heating experience.


Best Gas Heater Brands and Models


Braemar Gas Heaters

Braemar, a well-known brand by Seeley International, offers a wide range of high-performing heating and cooling air conditioning solutions. In this section, we’ll focus on their gas heater models, specifically ducted gas heaters, which provide energy-efficient and effective heating options for homes and businesses. These heaters need regular ducted heating servicing to keep them in top condition.

Braemar’s gas heater line-up includes different models catering to various needs and preferences. Some of their most popular ducted gas heaters are:

  • Braemar TQS5 Series: A five-star rating gas heater that offers energy efficiency and lower running costs. This model features a highly efficient motor, reducing power consumption and ensuring quiet operation. Available in various capacities, this ducted gas heater adapts to different house sizes and heating requirements.
  • Braemar TQM6 Series: Boasting a six-star rating, this model stands out for its exceptional efficiency and reduced energy consumption for even more significant savings. Like the five-star model, it has variable-speed fan control to suit various comfort preferences. Furthermore, it is designed with an intelligent MagIQtouch Controller, giving users maximum control over their heating requirements.
  • Braemar TSS623 “Super-Six”: With an impressive seven-star equivalent rating, the TSS623 “Super-Six” is an energy-efficient conventional ducted gas heater. It consumes up to 36% less energy than a three-star ducted gas heater and 18% less than a five-star one. This powerful heater effectively warms up large spaces without compromising on efficiency and running costs.


Key Features and Performance

Efficiency and Energy Savings

Braemar offers a range of ducted gas heaters with impressive efficiency and energy savings. One notable model is the Braemar 7 Star equivalent ducted gas heater, which has the highest star rating and is known to be the most efficient conventional ducted gas heater in the world. This innovation leads to significant reductions in energy usage and environmental impact. The heater can provide cost savings of up to $1,076 AUD per year, making it an attractive choice for those seeking both performance and savings.

Heating Speed and Comfort

Braemar heaters stand out for their ability to quickly and comfortably heat a room. The Stealth® Softair® fan system in select models ensures that the heat is gently and quietly circulated throughout the home. The MagIQtouch® controller, an intuitive control panel, allows for easy adjustments to the heating temperature and settings. Additionally, the zoning options in some models enable users to control the heating in different areas of their home, further enhancing their comfort and customising their heating experience.

Braemar’s range of efficient, high-performance ducted gas heaters offers benefits for those looking for a heating solution that prioritises energy savings, heating speed, and user comfort. With features such as the MagIQtouch® controller and zoning options, these heaters cater to a wide range of needs and preferences, making them a great option for many homes.

Safety and Reliability

Overheat Protection and Safety Features

Braemar gas heaters prioritise safety and reliability, ensuring a secure environment for users. They incorporate overheat protection features to prevent any potential fire hazards or damage to the unit. These heaters monitor temperature levels and automatically shut off the system if it exceeds safe limits. Furthermore, Braemar’s various safety features, such as flame failure detection and a safety pressure switch, add an extra layer of security to its appliances.

Build Quality and Durability

Braemar gas heaters are known for their high-quality construction and durability. These heaters are built to withstand the test of time while ensuring long-lasting, efficient performance. The robust materials used in their design contribute to their longevity and have been tested under rigorous conditions to ensure consistent, reliable heating. This emphasis on build quality makes Braemar heaters a popular choice for customers looking for safe, reliable and energy-efficient heating solutions.

Cost and Value

Pricing and Running Costs

Braemar heaters are available in a range of prices, starting from around $1,500 AUD to approximately $5,000 AUD. These heaters come in various models, with different power outputs and heating capacities to suit various room sizes. The most efficient models are those with a 6-star gas rating, which consume less energy and have lower running costs. It’s important to choose the right model for your specific needs and preferences to ensure value for money.


Braemar heaters are backed by a solid warranty that assures customers of the product’s quality and reliability. Most Braemar heaters come with a standard warranty of up to 7 years on parts and labour. Additionally, some models may have extended warranties, offering customers an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.


Best Brivis Gas Heater Models

Brivis offers a variety of gas heaters designed to efficiently provide heating control, temperature management, energy efficiency, and comfort within your home. Their ducted gas heating systems are tailor-made for various needs, making them a popular choice in Australia.

One of the top-performing models in the Brivis range is the StarPro 6 Series. This ducted gas heater is known for its superior energy efficiency, boasting a 6-star rating. The StarPro 6 Series utilises a modulating gas valve and a 4-pass heat exchanger, resulting in better temperature control and increased efficiency. This Brivis heater is an excellent option for homeowners seeking an energy-efficient heating solution without compromising on performance.

For those who are price-conscious and looking for a no-fuss solution, the Brivis Buffalo Series is a reliable choice. The Buffalo Series offers a classic ducted gas heating system that has been trusted in Australian homes for years. With various star ratings and kW capacities, these heaters provide decent energy efficiency while still delivering consistent warmth throughout the whole house.

When it comes to installation versatility, Brivis has designed easy-to-install heating systems suitable for tight spaces or new homes that don’t require extensive residential electrical work. A key feature in these systems is their adaptability to both floor and ceiling outlets. This ensures that the ducts can be strategically placed in different areas of the house for targeted temperature management. The Brivis dealers and installation professionals can assist in finding the best positioning for your home’s heating needs.

Controlling your Brivis gas heating system is made simple with the Brivis Touch programmable controller. This technology allows homeowners to adjust their heating preferences in real-time, tailoring comfort levels as needed. The system also incorporates a zoning feature named ZonePlus, which empowers users to control the heating of individual areas within their home, leading to better energy efficiency and cost savings.

In conclusion, selecting the right Brivis gas heater model depends on your individual needs, budget, and home size. Whichever model you choose, you can trust that Brivis will provide excellent performance, energy efficiency, and an easy-to-use temperature control system for the entire home.

Features and Technologies

StarPro Series

The Brivis StarPro Series offers top-of-the-line ducted gas heaters with advanced technology and exceptional efficiency. The StarPro 6 is the most efficient heater in the range, featuring a 4 Pass Heat Exchanger and a Modulating Gas Valve. These technologies allow for superior temperature control and greater efficiency, as they cleverly engineer the heater to use less gas than traditional ducted gas heaters.

Additionally, the StarPro Series comes with the Brivis Networker, an advanced control system that seamlessly integrates with other Brivis heating and cooling products for a cohesive home climate solution. Plus, the StarPro models can be enhanced with Brivis ZonePlus™, allowing you to create customised temperature zones within your home.

Wombat Range

The Wombat Range from Brivis offers both durability and efficiency. These gas heaters are known for their compact design, making them suitable for installation in small spaces, such as under the floor or inside bedrooms. Wombat heaters are compatible with Universal Liquefied Petroleum Gas (ULPG), providing flexibility in fuel options. Furthermore, the Wombat Range has an impressive gas energy rating, ensuring efficient performance and cost savings for homeowners.

Quatrra Technology

Brivis’s Quatrra Technology is a hallmark of their innovations in gas heating systems. This advanced technology incorporates a 4-pass heat exchanger, maximising the heat extraction process and improving energy efficiency. By utilising Quatrra Technology, Brivis heaters deliver consistent warmth throughout your home while reducing energy consumption.

In summary, Brivis offers a comprehensive range of gas heaters that cater to various heating needs, encompassing the advanced StarPro Series, the durable and compact Wombat Range, and the cutting-edge Quatrra Technology. These features allow Brivis to provide efficient, reliable, and customisable heating solutions for homeowners.

Efficiency and Energy Savings

Brivis is a well-known brand for producing efficient ducted gas heaters, which can provide significant energy savings for homeowners. One key aspect of these heaters is their star rating, which indicates their level of efficiency. Standard efficiency ratings start at 3 Stars, and having a higher star rating translates into better energy efficiency and more economical performance.

For instance, a 4-Star Brivis unit can save up to 13% on energy bills, while a 5-Star model can save up to 22%. An even more efficient 6-Star unit can provide up to 30% savings on energy bills. This means that choosing a higher star rating model would not only keep the home warm during colder months but also save on energy costs.

Brivis ducted gas heaters are designed for easy installation, ensuring minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Newer models are also equipped with features that help maximise their energy efficiency, such as high-efficiency blowers and adaptable zoning capabilities. Zoning allows homeowners to heat specific rooms or areas within the house, preventing energy waste and reducing energy costs.

It’s important to note that actual savings may vary due to factors like fuel costs, house size, thermal insulation, and heater usage patterns. However, Brivis heaters still offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for central heating. When selecting the right model for a home, homeowners should consider their specific needs, and select a heater with a suitable star rating and features to optimise energy efficiency and savings.

Heating Speed and Comfort

Brivis is a well-known brand that offers a range of ducted gas heaters designed to provide efficient and comfortable heating for homes. One of the key aspects of Brivis heaters is their heating speed, which ensures quick and comfortable heating throughout the house.

The Brivis StarPro 5 Star model is a popular choice among homeowners looking for high-quality heating solutions. With a five-year warranty, this model provides reliable heating with fast heating times. As per the user review, they have been using the heater for over 15 months and are satisfied with its performance.

Another top-performing model in the Brivis range is the StarPro 6 Series. This particular heater is considered the most efficient ducted gas heater in the StarPro range. It uses a four-pass heat exchanger with a modulating gas valve, which allows for superior temperature control and increased efficiency.

Brivis also offers the StarPro 4 Star model, which provides adequate heating speed for homes in colder regions. The heater is built with a focus on room type, consistency in temperature and safety features, making it a reliable choice for homeowners. However, it’s essential to note that the efficiency and comfort of these heaters can vary depending on factors such as the size of your home, insulation levels, and heater usage patterns.

Ducted gas heating is known to be an effective method for keeping homes warm, particularly in regions with harsh winter seasons. Brivis gas heaters offer a central heating solution for the whole house while still allowing users to heat individual zones, providing targeted comfort.

In summary, Brivis offers a range of high-quality ducted gas heaters, boasting efficient heating speeds and comfort for homeowners. The StarPro 5 Star, StarPro 6 Series, and StarPro 4 Star models are reliable options for those seeking a dependable heating system to keep their homes warm and comfortable during colder months.

Safety and Reliability

Overheat Protection and Safety Features

Brivis gas heaters are designed with several safety features to ensure reliable operation and protect users. One such feature is the overheat protection mechanism. When the heater’s temperature exceeds safe levels, the device automatically shuts off the gas supply, reducing the risk of overheating, fires, and other safety hazards. This system ensures that the heater operates within safe temperature ranges, providing users with peace of mind.

Additionally, Brivis heaters are equipped with safety mechanisms that kick in if there’s a power supply interruption. When power is restored, the heater resumes normal operation, ensuring users’ comfort and safety.

Build Quality and Durability

Not only do Brivis gas heaters prioritise safety, but they also focus on build quality and durability. Their heaters have a reputation for longevity, as demonstrated by their loyal customers, who often choose Brivis for upgrades or replacements, even after using their original heaters for more than 20 years.

The company’s dedication to quality extends to its warranty offerings, with the StarPro 5 Star model, for example, boasting a five-year warranty, instilling confidence in the brand’s commitment to its products. By using high-quality materials and employing rigorous quality control measures, Brivis ensures that their gas heaters are built to provide users with consistent, long-lasting performance.

Cost and Value

Pricing and Running Costs

The Brivis StarPro 6 series is the most efficient ducted gas heater in their range. Its efficient 4 Pass Heat Exchanger and Modulating Gas Valve contribute towards better temperature control and improved efficiency, subsequently using less gas than traditional ducted gas heaters1. The Brivis 6 Star heaters run on Quatrra™ technology, which further enhances their efficiency.

Pricing for a Brivis gas heater can vary depending on the specific model and capacity. For instance, the Brivis StarPro 5 Star heater was purchased for $2,950 in May 2020. The running costs will depend on factors such as usage, energy prices, and the size of the home. It is important to select the appropriate heater size for your home; Brivis offers a product and sizing selector that utilises geographic data and industry standards to help users make the right choice.


Brivis offers a 5-year warranty on its StarPro 5 Star gas heater, providing customers with peace of mind and assurance of quality. Warranty details for other models in their range may vary, but ultimately the warranty is a testament to the company’s confidence in their products’ performance and durability.


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